What’s RText?

  • RText lets you derive textual languages from an RGen/ECore metamodel with very little effort
  • RText features generic textual syntax
  • RText comes with a generic instantiator (parser) and serializer
  • RText has some builtin consistency checks derived from the metamodel
  • RText provides cross-editor language support including syntax highlighting, auto completion, error annotations, model navigation

Not interested in Ruby, Modeling or RText Syntax?

Hop over to the joined editors protocol, which takes the cross-editor feature of RText and combines it with arbitrary syntax.

Editor Plugins

Currently, there are plugins for VIM, Eclipse and Visual Studio. Check out the plugins page to learn more about the plugins and how to install them.


> gem install rtext


See the Ruby Doc for documentation.


An example is provided in the test folder of the RText package. Once you’ve installed the gem, unpack it to your local folder with the following command or get the source code from github.

> gem unpack rtext

You will find an example editor at test/integration/ecore_editor. When you have one of the plugins installed, you may open the test model file test/integration/model/test_metamodel.ect and start editing. Just make sure that your plugin is associated with the “.ect” extension.


RText is released under the MIT license.