RText Users Guide

The .rtext config file

A .rtext config file is used to specify which backend service is to be started for a given RText model file.

In order to be found by an RText plugin, the .rtext file must be located in the same directory as the RText model file being edited or in any of its parent directories.

Here is the grammar for the config file syntax:

rtext_config      ::= <service_spec>+
service_spec      ::= <file_pattern_list>:\n<command line string>\n
file_pattern_list ::= <file_pattern> | <file_pattern>, <file_pattern_list>
file_pattern      ::= <filename without path> | *.<extension>

Here is an example:

ruby service1.rb 
*.ext2, *.ext3:
ruby service2.rb *.ext2 *.ext3

This example contains specifications for three different backend services. service1.rb is started when a model file with the extension "ext1" is being edited. service2.rb is started when a model file with extension "ext2" or "ext3" is edited. service2.rb also receives additional command line parameters. service3.sh is started whenever a file named "noext" is edited.


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